Bring Ice Home

The Project


As part of its comprehensive campaign, For the Hill and Beyond, St. Olaf is committed to building an on-campus ice arena that will foster stronger connections between athletics, academics, and wellness. The arena, connected to the Skoglund/Tostrud athletic complex, will engage the campus community in year-round ice-related opportunities for hockey and broomball players, curlers, skaters, and fans — all coming together in a central location that will support competitive success by seamlessly integrating athletic and recreational activities with academic pursuits.




Varsity Hockey

Competition at the highest level requires modern athletic facilities. Bringing ice home will strengthen the student-athlete experience for Ole hockey programs by:

  • Bringing practice and games just a walk away from dorms and classes
  • Providing greater flexibility for practice and class schedules
  • Strengthening team bonding with dedicated home locker rooms
  • Increasing Ole Pride with convenient fan access and parking
  • Fostering men’s and women’s program collaboration
  • Flexibility in players’ curricular choices, eliminating the need to take only morning classes during the season to accommodate travel times to off-campus arenas
  • Adding opportunities for students to grow as Ole hockey camp leaders
  • Enhancing student recruitment

Academic and Recreational Activities

Fully engaging a campus community requires diverse opportunities for fitness and wellness, as well as modern facilities. Bringing ice home will add ice time, equipment storage, new team spaces, and fan seating to enrich physical education and co-curricular fitness activities:

  • Academic offerings for studies in physical movement can expand through figure skating, curling, broomball, and hockey classes
  • The curling club will no longer need to travel 35 miles to practice and compete
  • The build-out will include new locker rooms for St. Olaf’s baseball, softball, volleyball, and men’s and women’s soccer varsity teams. Tostrud Center courts will be resurfaced to accommodate varsity tennis in addition to general use.
  • Intramural broomball and open skate opportunities can be offered year round, adding more fitness options for the St. Olaf community

For the Fans

Just imagine the energy at the first home game, where our players “will be shaking with excitement” in front the Ole fans who made just a short trek down the Hill to their new arena. And then imagine the energy only increasing as the growing fan base helps anchor the future of St. Olaf hockey.